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We pay the cost of advertising, you only pay for results!


Thousands of patients find their dentist online every month. Grow your practice by partnering with Dental Care 360. We provide high quality leads from patients looking for general dentistry as well as specialty services such as Invisalign®, dental implants and more.

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100% Risk Free Patient Acquisition Solution for Dentists

High-quality patients

Our marketing generates high quality leads that have health insurance and/or are looking for specialty services such as Invisalign® or dental implants.


Guaranteed results

With Dental Care 360 you won’t be taking the usual risk associated with Marketing. We pay the cost of ads to promote your services, you only pay for results.

Managed for you

We manage all aspects of the digital marketing strategy so you can focus on the most proftable activity for your practice: delivering your services.

We Pay For Marketing

We pay for the digital marketing efforts necessary to generate highly qualified leads that will turn into new patients for your practice

You Only Pay For Results

You only pay for qualified leads. If a lead is not serious, it will be credited. With Dental Care 360 your ROI will be as high as it can be.

We Are 100% Risk Free

We do not charge a recurring fee and there are no time commitments and no hidden fees – you only pay for results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Dental Care 360 Work?

Dental Care 360 is a marketing service. We help dentists grow their practice by bringing their service offering in front of prospects found online. Our services will provide you with new patients on a regular basis. Our leads are sold exclusively meaning one submitted lead is sold to only one dental practice to ensure a high lead closing rate.

Is Dental Care 360 operating in my area?

Our service is available in all major metropolitan areas across North America, Australia and the UK. We also offer our services in France.

How do patients find Dental Care 360?

We run digital marketing campains to promote the services our clients want to put forward in the regions they want to target. Patients will therefore find Dental Care 360 after seeing one of our ad. The leads are directed to you directly from those ad.

Does my practice qualify to work with Dental Care 360?
We work exclusively with dentists that have a track record of positive reviews online and no history of malpractice.
How much does Dental Care 360 cost?
Our pricing is simple, dentists only pay for qualified and exclusive leads. The price per lead will vary based on these factors:


  • The location of your practice because it affects the advertising costs we pay to promote your services;
  • The service you wish us to put forward. Some services cost more to advertise than others which again, influences our cost;
  • The details of the promotion you wish to offer prospects. The better the promotion, the lower the cost per lead usually is. We can therefore charge a smaller fee to cover the advertising costs when your promotion is really appealing to consumers.

Contact us to get a personalized quote for your practice.

How much more business volume can I get with Dental Care 360?

The amount of leads you will get depends on the level of appeal of the promotion you offer consumers. The size of your practice is another factor, the more chairs you have the more ads we can run.

Our most experienced digital marketer has generated over 200 patients per month for a practice that had 10 chairs and offered great promotions. Their practice offered the first Invisalign promotion for free as well as a $500 discount on the treatment. They also offered a free take home teeth whitening kit to new patients that purchased a full dental exam and cleaning.

With a similar practice size and this type promotions, you can expect similar results after our relationship has been established.

When we first start advertising for a new partner the volume we provide is lower; we start slow to minimize our financial risk and reduce the fees you pay until you feel confident our leads are of high quality. When trust is established between us and you require it, we start increasing volume until your practice reaches its full servicing capacity.

How is Dental Care 360 different?

Unlike other marketing services and solutions, we do not charge a recurring fee and there are no time commitments and no hidden fees – you only pay for results. Other marketing services also do not cover the cost of ads for their clients.

How fast can I get started with Dental Care 360?

We will require 2 business days to review your application. Once your practice has been approved, we can start as soon as you provide us with the details of the promotion you wish us to advertise for you.

Contact us to get started. We will grow your practice!

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